UPDATED: The Pony Express Supper Club

UPDATE (12/11/2017): We had such an incredible response to the first session of the Pony Express Supper Club, we're doing it all over again! We'll soon be sharing stories we heard throughout the first round of the program as well as a recap of our dreamy dinner last night at Foolish Things. If you'd like to participate in our second session, check out the details below and e-mail us at hello@shopmerriment.co to sign up! Registration is open through December 27th with early bird pricing available through December 22nd.

In six short weeks, you could meet the newest member of your book club, a business partner to help you finally open the gourmet cheese and olive shop you’ve been dreaming about, your future maid-of-honor, or a friend to binge watch the latest Netflix series with.

No, it’s not a new app. It’s the Pony Express Supper Club.

Before e-mail pings and text message dings, there was the telephone. And before hours-long conversations spent twirling the phone cord around your wrist and gossiping about whether or not so-and-so were going steady, there was letter writing.

Named for the famed high-speed* horseback mail delivery service in the 1860’s, the Pony Express Supper Club is a one-of-a-kind experience knitted from a love of sending pretty stationery to friends, throwing ornate dinner parties, and a desire to take a break from staring at a screen from sunrise to sunset.

Here’s how it works:

1. From September 25th until October 9th, sign-ups will be available online or at our store in midtown Tulsa. When you sign up, you’ll be given a questionnaire with questions like, “If you didn’t have to sleep, how would you spend the extra time?”

2. Once we’ve collected all the questionnaires, we’ll match everyone into pairs. During the week of October 16th, we’ll send introductions to each set of pen pals and share how to get started.

3. Throughout the program, we’ll post lots of snail mail inspiration, writing prompts, and more.

4. In early December, we’ll gather for a magazine-worthy dinner at a surprise location. There, you’ll meet your pen pal (unless you couldn’t wait and have already met up for coffee or spin class!) and enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks, and delightful fanfare.

Participation is $55 and includes a handful of greeting cards to get you started, one of our best-selling pens, access to our stamp collection, special discounts on subsequent cards or pens, a lively evening of dinner and conversation, and a friend who you otherwise may not have met. Early bird pricing is $48 and will be available through October 5th.

Imagine coming home after a long day of attending meetings and presenting reports and finding a piece of mail just for you. It’s not a bill or appointment notice, but a note with your name in loopy, calligraphed letters or embellished with confetti-sealed washi tape. Inside, your pen pal wants to know what you enjoy most about autumn or how you plan to spend the weekend. You take a long, relaxed breath and wonder: Shouldn’t everything be this fun and easy?

*Oh, and in case you’re wondering what high speed meant in 1860, we’re talkin’ 10 days. (The 19th century version of Amazon Prime!) It took twice as long without the Pony Express, and though the company only existed for 18 months, the riders managed to deliver 35,000 pieces of mail across the American frontier.

Sign up by e-mailing us at hello@shopmerriment.co or get your ticket here. Follow The Pony Express Supper Club on Instagram and Facebook!


1. While we do have an Eventbrite page for our event, we're not fans of the hefty fees they charge. If you want to avoid the Eventbrite fee, send us an e-mail at hello@shopmerriment.co and we'll send you an invoice and your questionnaire - and zero fees. Please let us know in the e-mail if you want a pen pal and a ticket to the dinner party or if you only prefer a pen pal.

2. If you don’t want to share your address, you and your pen pal can send all correspondence to Merriment and we’ll alert you when a letter has arrived for you. From there, you can swing by to pick it up or we can forward it to your address.