It's Friday & We're In Love!

Weekends are for luxuriously-long breakfasts, going to the farmer's market for fresh mint to make mojitos on the patio, and reading a new book cover to cover. (May we suggest The Rules Do Not Apply?)

Still looking for weekend plans? Join us on Saturday, May 13th, for a celebration of mamas: mimosas, light snacks, grab-and-go floral arrangements, and mother/child portraits by the super-talented Abbey Wells on our iconic pink couch. 

In the meantime, enjoy a few of our favorite articles and blog posts from this past week!

Instead of "What street did you grow up on?" or "What is your childhood best friend's middle name?", recover your password with these hilarious insecurity questions, like "Name 10 hobbies you've given up." 

Speaking of moms and photos, here's a look at several women before they became mothers. Writes the author, "What a solace to know that time, aging, and motherhood cannot take away a woman's essential identity."

We're huge fans of garlicky aoili (or any dish that calls for tons of garlic, really), so these painted garlic cloves made us smile.

The encouragement you need to focus on your big goals and bold dreams. 

We are honored to be featured in TulsaPeople this month! It was so much fun working with writer Laura Dennis and sharing a few current favorites on the shelves

Alright, now who's makin' the mojitos? Hope to see y'all at our Mother's Day party Saturday!