Pony Express Supper Club

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Pony Express Supper Club


In six short weeks, you could meet the newest member of your book club, a business partner to help you finally open the gourmet cheese and olive shop you’ve been dreaming about, your future maid-of-honor, or a friend to binge watch the latest Netflix series with.

No, it’s not a new app. It’s the Pony Express Supper Club.

Here’s how it works: When you sign up, we’ll e-mail you a questionnaire with questions like, “If you didn’t have to sleep, how would you spend the extra time?” From there, we’ll use the questionnaires to match everyone into pairs. Once we’ve announced pen-pal pairings, we’ll send prompts to help you write to your pen-pal for six weeks. Then, we’ll all gather for dinner, drinks, and delightful fanfare.

Cost of registration includes:

- Three cards and one of our signature pens to send to your brand new pen pal
- Optional writing prompts and discounts to our online store
- Dinner in a secret location with cocktails, a meal, and dessert
- A fun surprise (so far, surprises have included carols sung by a sinfonia and arrangements from Anthousai)

Imagine coming home after a long day of attending meetings and presenting reports and finding a piece of mail just for you. It’s not a bill or appointment notice, but a note with your name in loopy, calligraphed letters or embellished with confetti-sealed washi tape. Inside, your pen pal wants to know what you enjoy most about summer or how you plan to spend the weekend. You take a long, relaxed breath and wonder: Shouldn’t everything be this fun and easy?

Registration is now open for our fifth session! Matches will be announced Monday, October 29th and the dinner party will be Sunday, December 9th.

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